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APR . 12 2018
Peking University, April 12, 2018: On March 27, 2018, Sri Lanka's ambassador to China, H.E. Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, visited Peking University First Hospital (PUFH) and attended the opening ceremony of the 2nd Sri Lanka Medical Staff Training Course jointly organized by PUFH and the Ecological Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The trainees of this 2nd training course contain 11 doctors, nurses and engineers from Sri Lanka, who will receive professional training at PUFH for 2 months. Many Chinese institutions including PUFH, the Ecological Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing CDC have cooperated extensively with various corresponding counterparts of Sri Lanka in order to strengthen the basic and clinical research on CKDu. In 2017 PUFH successfully held the 1st Sri Lanka Medical Staff Training Course and received wide recognition from Sri Lanka.

After the opening ceremony, H.E. Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku talked kindly with Sri Lanka trainees and expressed his expectations for them. The trainees told him that they have a deeper understanding of the friendship between the two countries and they hope to make full use of the two-month training course at PUFH Nephrology department so as to make contributions to the further development of the medical cause in both in China and in Sri Lanka and to the deeper cooperation between the two countries.

Written by: Wu Zhaoxia
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: Peking University First Hospital
Link: http://bynew.bjmu.edu.cn/zhxw/2018n/195970.htm
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