八年级上册英语作文 语作文范文 八年级上册英语作文范文 Unit 1 根据下列班级活动调查表,用英语写一篇文章。 Class 12,Grade 8: Activity Survey Activity Every Day Twice a Week Four Times a Week Watch TV 60\\% 20\\% 20\\% Have Sports 10\\% 20\\% 70\\% Do homework 100\\% 0\\% 0\\% ( All students=100? Most students=51?-99? Some students = 1?-50? No students = 0?) A Possible Version: Here are the results of the student activity survey in Class 12, Grade
  8. Most students watch TV every day. Some students watch TV twice a week. Some students watch TV four times a week. Some students have sports every day. Some students have sports twice a week. Most students have sports four times a week. All the students do homework every day. No students do homework twice or four times a week. Unit4 根据下列育英中学八年级(
  1)班学生上学方式的调查表,用英语写一篇短文。不少于 70 个单词。 上学方式 Bus Walking Bike Car 学生人数 15 10 25 0 There are fifty students in Class 1, Grade 8 at Yuying Middle School. Every day they go to school in different ways. Fifteen students take buses because they live far from the school. Ten students walk. They think walking is good for their health and they live near the school. Twenty-five students ride their bikes to school because they like riding bikes very much and their homes are not very far from the school. No one goes to school by car Unit 5 一些英国朋友要来参加你们班举行的英语晚会。 作为主持人, 你需要用英语准备一份 60-80 个词的欢迎辞。 欢迎辞必须包括以下英文提示的内容(开头已给出):
  1. the number of students (boys 32, girls
  2. What do you think of English?
  3. How do you learn English in your free time (magazines, TV, radio, etc)?
  4. Your English programs (plays, songs, etc).
  5. ending(结束语) Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to our class and welcome to our English Evening. First of all, let me say a few words about our class. One possible version: Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to our class and welcome to our English Evening. First of all, let me say a few words about our class. There are 60 students in our class. 32 of us are boys and the others are girls. Most of us like English and study hard at it. In our free time we often read English books, newspapers and magazines. Sometimes we learn English on the radio and sometimes on TV. This evening you'll enjoy some short plays, songs, dances and so on by our classmates. I hope you'll like these programs and have a good time.
Thank you! Unit7 请你写一篇制作玉米花(popcorn)的小短文。注意使用 first, next, then, finally 等表示过程的词。不少于 50 个 词。 VIII. One possible version: How to make popcorn I like popcorn very much. I learned from my mother how to make popcorn. Now let me show you the ways. First you put the popcorn into the popper. Next, turn on the popper. Wait for several minutes. Then you pour the popcorn into the bowl. And put salt on the popcorn. Finally you can eat the popcorn. Unit 9 根据下面表格所提供的信息,写一篇短文,来介绍你的朋友 Mike。词数:50-70 词之间。 你的朋友 出生年月 出生地点 职业 其它 Mike 1988 年 9 月 英国伦敦(London)附近的一座小城镇 中学生 由于他父母都在中国教学英语,两年前随父母来到中国。他们全家人非常喜欢中国和中餐。
VI. One possible version: My good friend Mike I have a good friend. His name is Mike. He was born in September, 1988 in a small town near London. He is a middle school student. He came to China with his parents two years ago. His parents are teaching English in China now. He and his parents like
  1、 假定你是 Tom,你按 Kate 要好的时间、地点与她见面后去医院看望 Mr Wang。 你们告诉他你们在考试中发挥的很好,他很高兴。Mr Wang 祝愿你们暑假生活愉快,并希望你们继续努力学习。你们 交谈了大约半小时后离开医院。请你以日志的形式把它写下来。
I'm Tom . Kate and I are good friend . We had arranged to go to the hospital this afternoon to see Mr Wang , together. I toid Mr Wang that we piayed very well in the examinatinos , Mr Wang was happy . Mr Wang said the pigs we are happy summer and ho[e we contiaue our efforts , we probablytalked for halfan hour,and leaves.
  2、 Tom 每天都不能按时交老师留的家庭作业,请你至少给他写 5 条建议,建议要合情合理。 He should finish his homework on time every day. He should't watch TV everynight. He should't piay computer gamesuntil midnight.Heshould watch TV after he finishes his homework ,and heshould piay compuer game once a week oniy on Satuday evening . Ithink he can become a good boy . 最佳答案 第一篇:Help my mom with the the housework
Last Sunday ,I helped my mom do the housework . First my mom asked me to take out the trash. At the same time ,my mom cleaned the living room . Then I made my bed .And my mom cleaned the bedroom .Finally ,the room got very tidy and cleam .But we all got very angry ,mom cooked a delicious meal for me !What a fantastic day it was ! 第二篇: My birsthday's plan Next month. I will be 14 years old. On my birthday, I will stay with my family. We will have a lot of things to do. We are going to watch films, play in a park and have dinner in a restaurant. My parents will buy me a new shirt and I am going to wear it on that day. There will be a new film. My birthday is on Sunday. Many people will go to parks on that day. So, it is going to be fun.
But my grandfather will not come, because he will be busy on the day. Anyway, I hope my birthday will come soon. It is going to be a nice day. 第三篇: My hometown Welcome to my hometown .There is a lot of beautiful things to see.Such as :many tall trees ,a clear river and so on .But ten years ago ,there were much rubbish in the river .One day ,a foreigner went there and said :'It has much litter .I dislike here.'The people who heard that made up their minds . They decided to change there .So they went to take out the trash out of the river and planted many trees.So it has a big change .Now it is going beautiful .And the leader of my hometown is planning to build a high buliding .I hope my hometown will be better .And I wil be proud of it forever. 第四 Li Yuchun is the 2005 "Super Girls" NO.1 super-voice girl.She has many fans.They called "Corn".She was kind-hearted .After a big earthquake in Sichuan, her contributions to 450 thousand yuan to disaster areas.Her English name is Chris lee.She was born on March 10, 1984 .She comes from Chengdu, Sichuan.She is
  1.74 meters tall. She likes singing, dancing, playing basketball and watching cartoons. Her favorite singer is Ding Wei. 第五 Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival, usually in January or February. Chinese people see it as one of the most important holiday. During the Spring Festival, people wear new clothes and do all sorts of delicious things. Their families to eat together meal, watching fireworks and watch the lion dance. In this festival, people would visit each other, we all very happy. 第五单元(非常重要)根据中文提示写一 60 字以上的 E\\_mail。(开头已给出)提示:Tom 邀请 LiPing 参加他生日的 聚会,但是 LiPing 的父母出差(be out on business)要到下个月才回来(come back home),奶奶又生病在床,需要人照顾, 而且他得为了即将到来的英语考试而学习。因此无法来参加这一生日聚会。他感到很抱歉。 Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party.I’d love to,but I can’t. My parents are both out on business. They are coming back next month. And now I have to look after my grandma because she is ill in bed. And I also need to study for my coming English exam. I am very sorry,but I can’t go to your party. Thank you for asking me.I hope you will have a good time. 第 11 单元假如你叫 Dave。今年寒假,你和父母一起云澳大利亚呆一个月,但家里的小猫没人照料,现在请你给你的 朋友 Tony 写一封 e-mail,请他帮忙。60 词左右。 Subject: Cat From: Dave Tony, I am going to Australia with my parents for my winter vacation. We plan to stay there for a month. Could you help me take care of the cat ? Take her for a walk after supper. Give her water and feed her twice a day. Don’t forger to clean her bed every day and you’d better give her a bath twice a week. She is a lovely cat and I’m sure you will like her. Write to me soon. Thanks, Dave 第 9 单元作文有关名人的作文 根据信息完成下列短文,50 词左右。 Name: Yao Ming Date of Birth:09/12/1980 19
  88:starts to play basketball 1996: joins Shanghai basketball team 1997: joins the national basketball team 2002: joins NBA My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming. He was born on September 12, 19
  80. He started playing basketball at the age of
  8. He joined Shanghai basketball team in 19
  96. A year later, he joined the national basketball team. He joined NBA in 2002 and is becoming more and more famous now. 总结作文: 假如你是李维,今年寒假要参加由共青团组织的赴澳大利亚“绿色之旅”冬令营活动。请你根据以下提示,写一篇在 开营式上的自我介绍,首句已给出,50 词左右。 Name: Li Wei Age: 14 Place: Nanjing Favorite subject: English ,biology What to do in free time: go camping , draw pictures of plants, enjoy the singing of birds in nature Goal: biologist Hope: make friends with others in the camp I’m very glad to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Li Wei. I’m 14 years old. I live in Nanjing, a very beautiful city. My favourite subjects are English and biology. In my free time, I often go camping, draw pictures of plants and enjoy the birds in nature. I want to be a biologist when I grow up. I feel lucky to join you. I hope that we can be good friends. That’s all. Thank you. 新年计划 要求:根据提示内容写一段 60 词左右的短文,可适当发挥。 Do you have any plan for your next year? Can you say something about your New Year’s resolutions? How many resolutions do you have? Why are you going to do them? How are you going to do them? I have three resolutions for my next year. First, I am going to spend more time studying English, because I want to improve it to get good grades. I will practice to read English every morning and do some English writing every evening. Next, I am going to take more exercise. I want to keep fit
by doing it. I will take walks with my mother after supper. Finally, I am going to make more friends. So I can be happier and learn more strong points from them. I will take part in some activities to meet more people and make friends with some of them. 第 10 单元作文我的梦想 When I grow up , I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to move somewhere interesting. Pairs sounds like a city that I could enjoy. They have lots of fashion shows there. I want to be a reporter for a fashion magazine. So how am I going to do it? First, I’m going to find a part-time job for a year or two and save some money. Then I’m going to be a students at art school in Paris. And I’m going to study French at the same time. Next, I’m going to hold art exhibitions because I want to buy a big house with the money and I’m going to travel all over the world . Finally, I’m going to retire somewhere quiet and beautiful. 列 ②假如你在互联网上结识了一位网友,请你根据下 表格所提供的信息,用英语介绍
姓名 出生年月 父亲职业 所学主要课程 业余爱好
王华 性别 女 1988 年 4 月 特长 医生 母亲职业 英语教师 语文、数学、英语、音乐、历史等 游泳、集邮、听流行歌曲
My friend's name is Wang Hua. She is a schoolgirl. She was born in April, 19
  88. There are three people in her family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is an English teacher. She studies Chinese, math, English, music, history and some other subjects at school. She likes computer very much and she is good at it. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, collecting stamps and listening to popular songs. ③提示: 李爷爷七十多岁了,无儿无女。他想邀请一些老人到家里吃晚饭,但无人帮忙。明明知道了这件事情后, 决定和同学们一起帮李爷爷干点家务活。干完后,李爷爷很感动,请明明及同学们也留下吃晚饭,他们谢绝了李爷爷 的好意后便离开了。 要求:
  1. 条理清楚,语句通顺,语法正确;
  2. 提示内容全部体现在文章中;
  3. 不少于 80 词。 Grandpa Li is over seventy years old, and he has no sons or daughters. He wanted to invite some old men to his house for supper. However, he needed some help. After Mingming knew it, he asked his classmates to Grandpa Li's house. And then they helped him to make his bed, do the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the trash and so on. In a word, they helped him with chores. Grandpa Li was very thankful and asked them to have supper with them. They didn't agree with him, but thanked him. Then they left. 第 12 单元作文④请根据下面图表所提供的信息,写一个调查报告。不少于 70 词。 We did a survey of our classmates and this is what we



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