Hello. Is Susan there?喂,是苏珊吗?
Tian Yuan.田园。
You must have the wrong number.你一定打错电话了。

Oh, I'm sorry.噢,对不起。
Is Li Ying in?李英在家吗?
Wrong number.打错电话了。
Isn't this the Nanjing University?请问是南京大学吗?
No. It's not.不是。
Oh. I'm sorry.噢,对不起。
May I please speak to Ling Ling?我可以和玲玲讲话吗?
There is no one here by that name.这里没有玲玲这个人。
Is this five-two-one double eight six-four?这里是521-8864吗?
No. This is five-two-one double eight three-five.不,这里是521-88
Oh. I'm sorry.噢,对不起。
That's all right.没关系。
Are you sure you are dialing the right number?你确定你打的号码是对的吗?
What number are you trying to dial?你要的电话是什么号码?
No one lives here by that name.这里没有人叫那个名字。
I'm sorry. I dialed the wrong number.对不起,我打错电话了。
May I speak to the head of the household?我可以请户主听电话吗?
May I ask who's calling?请问你是谁?
I am calling on behalf of the Private Teacher Company.我代表家教公司给您打电话。
This is Susan with Jiaotong University student. May I have your name, sir?我是交通大学的在校生苏珊,请问您贵姓?
My name is Li.我姓李。
Excuse me, Mr. Li. Do you have children, Mr. Li?打搅了,李先生。您有孩子吗?
Great. I believe you must care for his educations.太好了。我相信你肯定很关心他的教育吧。
You probably heard about it. We have private teachers in our holiday.或许你已经听说过。我们交大的学生在假期间做家教。
We will help your children in learning lessons in their free time.我们可以帮助您的孩子在他们空闲时学习功课。
We are running a special offer on this holiday.我们在这个假期有个特价优惠。
You might want to know more about it.我想你肯定想多了解点吧。
May I ask who I am talking to?请问你是谁?
I am a representative of Politics Association.我是政治协会的代表。
I am calling for the A company.我是代表A公司打电话来的。
This is Wang with China Bank.我是中国银行的王先生。
Maybe you read our ads in the newspaper.也许你在报纸上看过我们的广告。
Maybe you saw our commercials on TV.也许你在电视上看过我们的广告。
Let me give you more detail.让我来详细说明。
I would like to tell you more about it.我很乐意向你说得更详细一点。
Mr. Lu, we are very pleased to be able to offer this product to you.陆先生,我们很高兴能提供这个产品给您。
Would you please repeat your offer again?能否再说一遍您的优惠?
Oh. Your offer sounds interesting.哦,您所给的优惠听起来蛮吸引人的。
Yes. This product will save you a lot of money and time.是的。这个产品可为你节省很多的钱和时间。
And plus, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return it to us.并且,如果您不是百分百的满意,你可以将产品退还给我们。
So, it's virtually risk-free for you.所以,事实上对您而言,是完全没有风险的。
Hello. This is a representative of Zhongyou Department Store.喂,您好。我是中友百货的。
Sir, everything now is offered with a great discount.先生,所有的东西都在打很大的折扣。
I am sure you would like to know more about it.我相信您一定想知道详情。
I am sorry. I am not free right now.对不起,我现在很忙。
Sir, this offer will expire this week.先生,这次特价这个礼拜就结束了。
This is the last chance you can get up to 60 percent discount.这是您可以得到6折的最后机会。
Yeah, and I have to finish this report by four.是,我在四点之前得完成这个报告。
Hello, I wish to speak to Xiao Fu.喂,我想和小付通话。
This is Xiao Fu speaking.我就是。
Oh, how do you do, Xiao Fu. This is Mary.哦,你好,小付。我是Mary。
Mary, I'm glad you called me.Mary,很高兴你给我打电话。`
I'm calling to ask you some questions about Susan.我打电话是想问一些关于苏珊的事。
Sure. Oh, sorry, Mary, I'd better go now.可以。哦,抱歉,Mary,我要挂电话了。
Is the boss coming by?是老板过来了吗?
OK. I'll let you get back to your work.好,你过去工作吧。
I'll call you again later, OK?我以后再打给你,好吗?

Oh, Somebody's at the door. I have to go.哦,有人来了,我得去开门。
"Sorry, I have to say ""good-bye""."我不得不说再见了。
I'll think about it and call you back soon, OK?我考虑一下,回头我尽快打电话给你,好吗?
Sorry. I have a meeting right now.抱歉,我马上有个会议要开。

Emergency Assistance, may I help you?紧急事故救援中心,有什么需要帮助的吗?
I've just been robbed. What should I do?我刚刚被抢劫了,现在不知道该怎么办?
Are you injured, sir?先生,您受伤了吗?

No, no, I'm just a little upset.没有,没有受伤,只是情绪有点不稳。

Please remain calm, sir. Just give me your name and your location.请保持镇静,先生。告诉我你的名字和所在地点。
My name is Lu Wei. I am beside Beijing Hotel on Changan Street.我叫陆伟,在长安街北京饭店旁边。
Please stay where you are, we'll have a patrol car there in two minutes.请您呆在原地,两分钟之内我们派巡逻车过来。
I've just been the victim of a robbery.我被抢劫了。
A thief has just robbed me. Can you send the police?一个盗贼抢劫了我,你能替我报警吗?
Please try to keep relaxed, sir.别太紧张,先生。
Just give me your name and the place where you are calling from?请给我您的姓名与地点所在。
San Francisco General Hospital.这里是旧金山总医院。
Hello. This is an emergency. Can you please send an ambulance?喂,这儿有急病患者,请派一部救护车来。
OK, OK- just try to calm down, sir.好,好,请冷静下来,先生。
And tell me where you are and what's happened.告诉我你在哪里,发生了什么事?
OK. Right. Uh, We're at La Traviata restaurant in North Beach.是,对。我们在North Beach的La Traviata餐厅。
And my wife is- uh-我的太太她-
Is your wife ill?是你太太病了吗?
Uh, in a way.嗯,是呀。
Sir, I thought this was an emergency.先生,我想这是一位急病患者。
It is! She's having pains a minute apart!是啊。她隔一分钟就会痛呀。
You mean from the food?是不是吃东西引起的?
From the baby!是胎儿引起的。
She's having a baby?她怀孕了吗?
Well, why didn't you tell me?! Now, what's the restaurant's address?那你为什么不早告诉我?餐厅的地址是?
Uh, uh, it's 888 Grant Avenue. It's a block east of Washington Square.嗯,哦,是Grant大道888号。华盛顿广场东边的一个街区。
OK, sir, just sit tight, and we'll have an ambulance there in about ten minutes.好的,先生。你就在那边等着,救护车10分钟之内到。
Thanks a lot.多谢,多谢!
There is an emergency. Please send a fire engine.这有火灾,请尽快派消防车来。
There's been a car accident, please call the police.这发生了车祸,请快报警。

Take it easy, sir. I'll need your name, in full, and what's happened.别着急,给我你的全名和事情的情况。
May I speak with Mr. Chen, please?可以请陈先生听电话吗?
Sorry, but he is out at the moment.抱歉,他现在出去了?
Then, please tell him that Zhao Li called.这样好了,请转告他赵力来过电话。
Yes. I'm sorry, but how do you spell your last name, sir?好的,不过对不起,先生你的姓怎么拼?
It's Zhao, Z-H-A-O.姓赵,Z-H-A-O。
Please tell him that Lu Ming tried to contact him.请你转告他陆明正设法跟他联系。
Please inform him that Chen Gang was calling.麻烦你通知他陈刚来过电话。
Please give him the message.请转告他。
What's the spelling of your family name, sir?您的姓怎么拼,先生?
May I speak to Miss Tan, please?可以请谭小姐听电话吗?
Sorry, but she is with someone right now.抱歉,她正在会客。
I see. May I leave her a message then?噢,那我可以留话给她吗?
Please ask her to call me at 6225-94

Yes. I will.好的。
I'd like to leave a message for him, if you don't mind.你若不介意的话,我想留话给他。
Can I leave him a voice in mail?我可以在他的语音信箱里留话吗?
Can you relay this to Mr. Li?你能传话给李先生吗?
May I speak to Miss Hu, please?可以请胡小姐听电话吗?
Sorry, but she is out for lunch right now.抱歉,她现在出去吃午饭了。
I see. What time will she come back?哦,那她几点会回来?
She'll be back around 2:
I'll have her call you as soon as she comes back.等她一回来, 我就请她马上回电。
That's nice. I'll be waiting for her call. Thank you.太好了,那我就等她的电话。谢谢。
I'll give him your message as soon as he's available.他一有空我就转告他您的留言。
Shall I tell him you called?我告诉他你来过电话,好吗?
I'll be here when he calls back. Much appreciated.他打电话时我会在这,太感谢你了!
That's fine. I'll await his return call.很好。我会等他的来电。
Barker's Service Station.这里是巴克尔维修站。
I need your help badly. My car can't start. Can you send somebody over?我急需你们的帮助。我的车启动不了,能派人来修吗?
We can have somebody come by, but it won't be right away.我们可以派人去,但现在不行。
What time can you send one over?那你们什么时候能派人来呢?
Oh, let's see. It'll be about 3:30 before we have anybody free.哦,让我想想。大概要到
Can it be earlier than that?能早点吗?
I doubt it, sir. We'll try, but I can't promise anybody before 3:
If I had it towed over there, could you work on it right away?如果把车拖到你们那里,能马上修吗?
Sure, if you had it towed here to the garage, we could get right on it.当然能。您把车拖过来的话,我们马上就修。
Can you send your tow truck over here?你们能派辆拖车来吗?
No. I'm sorry, but we can't send out our tow truck to get you.不能,真对不起,我们不能派拖车来。
Why not?为什么不能?
Our tow truck's being repaired.我们的拖车正在修理呢。
That's too bad. Bye.太糟了。再见。
Will you help me?可以帮助我吗?
Please help me to get things straight.请帮助我把事情搞好。
Will you be so kind as to help me out of the difficulty?帮助我克服困难,好吗?
I don't know how to solve the problem. Will you help me out?我不知道该怎么解决这个问题。你能帮我吗?
Will you come over to help me with the tough job?您能否来帮助我做这项艰苦的工作?
Can you assist me in this matter?这件事您能帮助我吗?
I'm in great need of your assistance.我特别需要您的帮助。
I'm calling for your assistance.我打电话是要您帮助我。
My name is Wang Feng and I'm calling to cancel plane ticket.我叫王峰,我想取消我预定的飞机票。
When was your reservation?您预定的是什么时候?
It's 5:00 p.m. today.今天下午5点整。
Would you like me to reschedule you for another time?要不要我再另外为你安排别的时间?
No. Thank you.不用了,谢谢。
Beijing Hotel.北京饭店。
Hello, my name is Li Ming and we have a reservation for party tonight.喂,您好。我叫李明,我们在你们这预定了今晚聚会。
Yes, what can I do for you?是的,我能为您效劳吗?
I need to cancel that. We have had a last minute change of plans.我要取消预约,我们临时改变计划了。
I see. Would you like me to reschedule you for another night?我明白了。要不要另外为你安排别的晚上。
OK, we have let you know as early as possible.好的,我们会让你们尽早知道。
By the way, will we be able to get a refund on this cancellation?顺便问一下,我们取消后可拿回定金吗?
Thank you very much.谢谢你。
That's all right. I hope we can help you at some other time. Good-bye.好了,希望我们今后还能给你帮助。再见。
I'm calling to know if it would be at all possible to cancel our reservation.我打电话想知道我们的预约是否有可能取消。
I have to postpone our appointment.我要把我们的约会延期。

Is it too late



  法律英语常用词汇大全 一、 律师部分 案件受理费 court acceptance fee 案 情 重 大 、 复 杂 important and complicated case 案由 cause of action 案子 case 包揽诉讼 monopolize lawsuits 被告 defendant(用于民事、行政案件); the accused (用于刑事案件) 被上诉人 appellee 被诉人 respondent; defendant 本案律师 councel pro hac ...


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  入党前的个人自传 入党前的个人自传 个人 本人××, 我于 1977 年 10 月 15 日出生于一个普通的公务员家 庭。父亲××任职于××,母亲××是一名普通农村妇女。正是父亲 的在工作上的认真谨慎, 母亲在生活上的勤劳节俭让我从小就懂得了 正确对待工作和生活的态度。 1991 年 9 月,我 6 岁。进入了××中心小学,在这六年学习生 活中,我认真学习,争当先进,在取得良好成绩的同时,也光荣地加 入中国少年先锋队。在老师的培养教育下,我懂得了今天的幸福生活 是来之不易的。在我幼小的心灵萌发了 ...