英文求职信的写作job Application Letters

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标题: 英文求职信的写作) 标题 Module 1: Job Application Letters (英文求职信的写作 英文求职信的写作 授课班级 上课地点
能力目标: 能力目标 Enable the students to write to write correct, appropriate and effective job application
letters. 教学 目标
使学生能根据自身优势或根据招聘条件,写出恰当、正确、吸引雇主注意力的英文求职信。 知识目标: 知识目标 Make students to learn about the format and contents of job application letters; 了解英文求职信的格式,掌握求职信每个段落内容要点。 教学重点: 教学重点
重 点 难 点 及 解 决 方 法
The format and the content of the job application letter
求职信的格式和内容 教学难点:
Organizing the letter to emphasize the strongest and most relevant qualification to the prospective employer.
信件内容与语言的组织, 以达到展现自己最好的资历的目的。
解决办法: 解决办法 Simulate the job application activity and choose the candidate who write the best. Then make the comparison and analysis to make clear the requirement of the job application letter.
模拟招聘活动,先让学生自己写求职信应聘,比较小组成员间信件的优劣并加以点评,再 与样文比较分析,明确写求职信的要素。
思考或作业: 思考或作业
Write the job application letter to Refine Textile Co. Ltd. According to the advertisement. Or Search any advertisement on the line for the vacancy in holidays/part time, then write a letter to apply for the job. If you are interested in it, you can also write a letter of application follow-up. 应聘瑞丰纺织有限公司的招聘并撰写求职信;上网搜寻相关假期或 业余时间工作的招聘广告,写一封英文求职信应聘;若感兴趣,可 追发求职追踪函
后记: 后记:
教学内容 Step One: Lead-in After studying this chapter, students will be able to: ◇write job application letters. ◇ write résumés. ◇ Know how to have an interview Step Two: Objectives proposed In this module, students are expected to learn about the format and contents of job application letters; to write correct, appropriate and effective job application letters.
教学方法 辅助手段
Step Three: Task raised
  1. Your try Students are given a piece of advertisement which offers a position of business 项目教学 assistant to General Manager in Zhejiang Sunshine Cashmere Co., Ltd. They are 法 asked to write a letter of application according to their own qualifications.
  2. Communicative activities Divide the class into several groups and each group has an employer and several candidates. Discuss and compare each other’s job application letter and decide whose letter is the most appropriate. The employer should report to the class why it is the best. Notes:
  1) What’s the purpose of writing a job application letter? The purpose of writing a job application letter is to sell yourself to the prospective employer. In other words, it is to impress the reader and get the chance of interview.
小组讨论 式教学法
启发式教 学法

  2) What is the correct form of a letter? A formal letter should at least included 6 parts, that is, heading, inside address, 提问式教 salutation, body, complimentary close, and signature. Some business letters add 学法 more items, such as subject line, enclosure, postscript etc.
  3) What should be a job application letter’s main points? A job application letter should state the writing purpose clearly, show your best qualification and ask for an interview. It’s better to mention your understanding of the target company and position.
  4) What are the requirements on the language used? Brief, concise, emphatic, polite and appropriate etc.
  5) Are there any requirement on the length and font? If yes, what are they? Yes. It is best to limit the job application letter to one typed page. Avoid fonts smaller than 10 point and larger than 12 point.
教学方法 辅助手段
案例分析 Step Four: Sample analysis and summary 法
  1. Provide the sample application letter and make an analysis
  1) Find out the main components of this sample application letter and name them
  2) Check the result and analyze them The main components of a job application letter should be: the heading (writer’s address and date) the inside address ( receiver’s address) the salutation (Dear xxx,) the body (indent/flush) the complimentary close (sincerely yours) the signature (handwritten)
  3) Raise the question: What should be included in each paragraph? 1st ? purpose, interest, position, source 2nd ? qualifications, evidence, refer to resume 3rd (+) ? sell yourself 4th ? suggest action (interview, meeting, phone call). Show appreciation
  4) Introduce the writing patterns of business letters full block style modified block style indented style.
Step Five: Individual study and discussion (5 minutes)
  1. Provide two more samples for students to learn themselves. They can make pair discussion on the samples according to what have been taught.
  2. Give the instruction: Sample 1: full block style Sample 2: indented style
个别化自 主学习 比较分析 式教学法
实训方法: Step Six: Practices 修订与改
  1. Revising Students revise their own letters. The teacher gives some person-to-person 错 instruction.
教学方法 辅助手段

  2. Translating
  1) Then the students will be given some basic sentence patterns, and the teacher 实训方法: 翻译 will explain some key points.
  2) Students check the answers in pairs.
  3) The teacher provides the sample answers
  3. Consolidation task Write a job application letter to Refine Textile Co. Ltd. according to the on-line 企 业 实 践 advertisement below. You can use search engine, on-line dictionary, Microsoft 教学 word, email, to help you.
Step Seven: After-class practice Search any advertisement on the line for the vacancy in summer holiday/part time, then write a letter to apply for the job. If you are interested in it, you can also write a letter of application follow-up. You can ask me for help. Please get me well-informed on this matter. Note: you can use search engine, on-line dictionary, Microsoft word, email, OWEL to help you.
课外实训: 发送求职 信 辅助手段: 网 络 及 Email
教学方法 辅助手段


英文求职信的写作job Application Letters

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